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Writing with Passion!

Writing with Passion!

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Written & Published 2 Books on the Altantuya Brutal Murder and 9/11 Pentagon Terrorist Attack, American Airline Flight 77 Hijacking, 2000 Kuala Lumpur Al-Qaeda Summit and the Malaysian Connection

Posted by Hakimi Abdul Jabar on December 26 2020, 21:51pm

I am a member of Aliran & Friend of Suaram. Back in late 2014, I had already personally informed a senior lawyer, G. Ragumaren that my light green folder consisting of my academic and professional credentials and other documents etc. and light blue legal professional diary & its contents etc. were deliberately stolen in 2010 and I was in the midst of publishing this book on the brutal abduction and murder of Altantuya & the Scorpene Grand Corruption Scandal and another on the 9/11 Pentagon Terrorist Attack, American Airlines Flight 77 Hijacking, the 2000 Al-Qaeda/Qaida Kuala Lumpur Summit and the Malaysian Connection.


Publisher : Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar (6 June 2016)

Best Sellers Rank: 576 in International Law (Kindle Store) 1,147 in International Law (Books)




I saw the same reasoning as former Attorney-General Tommy Thomas. How are the 2 convicted killers in any way connected to Altantuya? How did they know Altantuya etc.? Why weren't those truly behind the gruesome crimes punished?



Many in the public are able to see the light shed : https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/503893

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