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Writing with Passion!

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FinTech and Democratization

Posted by Hakimi Abdul Jabar on August 16 2020, 16:11pm


One can think of FinTech as any software and algorithm designed to improve financial services. In most instances, these protocols include automation and other streamlining technologies. Importantly, FinTech developments usually represent a shift from traditional systems over to more inclusive or efficient alternatives.

The international currency market is the largest financial market in the world. In this market, transactions do not occur on a single exchange, but in a global computer network of large banks and brokers from around the world.

Daily turnover in the global foreign exchange market has hit $6.6t, with a 40% increase in a daily forex trading volume over the last decade, according to a bond research firm LearnBonds.

FinTech software includes trading indicators, expert advisors, algorithmic automated robot traders etc.

FinTech software development is further streamlining towards inclusive and efficient democratization of the financial markets and services for the benefit of the individual retail trader-investor, small & micro-funds manager, community-based trading-investment pools and even for educational purposes.

This is the Epoch that we live in.




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